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Our 100% metal-free design promises to never set off a metal detector, making it the perfect to-go pouch for concert venues, sporting events, and travel.


bellflask® is built tough! Our flexible yet puncture resistant design is sturdy while still being ultra-lightweight-a perfect companion no matter your destination.


The days of bulky water bottles and hipflasks are gone! With bellflask® you'll never have to worry about hiding your beverage. It's discreet by design.


Shaped intentionally to hold 15 fl oz in smallest area possible, bellflask® easily fits into purses, backpacks, pockets, and bags of all sizes-great for adventurers on the go!

Highly Innovative

We've thought long and hard about bellflask® unique design and revolutionary technology, and we’ve got 3 patents to prove it! Inspired by the eternal adventurer, our goal is to provide a product that complements that spirit.

U.S Design Patent
No. D 772,075

U.S Design Patent
No. D 716,151

U.S Design Patent
No. D 790,362

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measure up.

Our see-through side panel makes it easy to be your own mixologist! Create fun drinks for you and your friends anytime, anywhere. Entertaining on the go just got a whole lot more convenient.

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Give the gift of bellflask® to your group or family! Available in 3 and 5 packs featuring a single print, or in a 4-print variety pack, featuring all 4 of our prints. We also offer bulk purchasing options for your wholesale or retail needs. Use our Contact page for inquires.

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